For those customers who would like to purchase an item that is only available in Japan but do not have a Japanese shipping address, BIG IN JAPAN is now opening a parcel forwarding service. The process is simple: you, the customer, take care of the order (including payment) and we receive the parcel and forward it to you for a FIXED RATE of 500 yen.  Yes, that’s right, whatever the size and amount of your order, our forwarding commission will only be 500 yen.


Please note that due to many customers using our forwarding service to make fraudulent transactions, the following countries will be excluded from that service starting October 23 2013 : Russia and Indonesia. Any forwarding request made for those countries will be cancelled and the merchandise returned to its respective seller. We thank you for your understanding.




Possible items are not limited to hobby-related goods. You can also buy CDs, DVD/blu-rays, games, books, clothing or anything you can think of provided the item can be shipped internationally. Please refrain from buying the following types of items:


§  Furniture


§  Flammable items


§  Items containing a lithium battery


§  Liquids


§  Perishable foods  (candies and dry foods are ok)


§  Any kind of weapon


§  Narcotics (including medication)


§  Pornographic material can be shipped, but please be aware that certain regulations might prevent you from receiving the item depending on your country of residence.

§ Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content below 60% can be shipped internationally except to the following countries : Bolivia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kuweit, Philippines, Porto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA.




Here is an explanation of the order process for our forwarding service:


STEP 1. Place the order with the store of your choice (payment and communication with the seller is left entirely up to you). Shipping address should be the following :


Your name  (do not input the company name)


111-0043 Taito-ku, Komagata 2-5-6 Kaminaga Building 5F, Tokyo

111-0043 東京都台東区駒形2-5-6 カミナガビル5F



Phone number : 03-5830-3276  (answering machine)




Please note that your shipping name must be the same than the name of the account you use on our website (furigana are ok if needed). Please do not use kanji unless you have a Japanese name. If you have a Chinese name or the shop you buy from does not accept latin letters, furigana should always be preferred.

Please do NOT in any circumstances use a fake name. Parcels with fake names or names that do not correspond to your registered name will be ignored.




STEP 2. Go to the following page and purchase a 500 yen ticket (it is not necessary to pay in advance) Follow the usual order process. The parcel can either be forwarded in its original box or repackaged (500 yen additional fee). In the Comments box of the order, please indicate the name of the item you are buying and the place you are buying it from.  This is essential. Without that information we might not be able to identify your order. Choose a shipping method (any method is allowed, but please keep in mind that some items might not fit into a Small Packet).


STEP 3. We receive your order and send you a Paypal invoice with the amount you need to pay : 500 yen (+ 500 yen if you choose repackaging) + international shipping fees + Paypal fees (3.2% of total amount + 40 yen)


STEP 4. As soon as we receive your payment, we ship your order.




Please note that we will be totally unable to help with your purchase itself. You need to be able to place the order yourself and have the necessary means of payment. Please do NOT choose cash on delivery as a payment method. Any parcel we receive with cash on delivery will be rejected by our services.  If you need support for your purchase, please use our traditional proxy service.


If you wish to combine items from different orders, it is possible but we can only keep your items in storage for a maximum of 1 month.