2014/11/02 : customers who live in a country where the state/province input is a necessary part of the shipping address are kindly asked to check that that field is correctly set in their account. Failure to do so might result in errors when making a live payment with Paypal. We thank you for your cooperation.

2014/07/30 : we are kindly reminding you that when you pay a Paypal invoice under a different name than the one you registered with us, you should include your order number with the payment (NOT by email). Otherwise we may have to reject your payment. We thank you for your understanding.

2013/05/08 : please note that starting this day, all combination requests and shipping method modification requests need to be made in advance, ie before the invoice is issued. Once the invoice for a given order has been issued, we will not be able to accept any such requests. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

About communication issues for certain email addresses : please note that we have been encountering permanent issues with email addresses with the following domain names : mail.ru, prodigy.net, freenet.de, qq.com, mchsi.com, earthlink.net, afrihost.co.za, att.net, sbcglobal.net, pacbell.net and bellsouth.net. If you wish to place orders on BIG IN JAPAN, please do not use an address with those domain names as most of our messages will probably be rejected. Thank you for your understanding.